Steem Bounty

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Steem Bounty

A Blockchain based platform that allows users to add financial value to the questions they post on Steemit.

Blockchain Server Setup:

We developed the entire server setup to become part of the Steem Blockchain as a Seed Node and contributed to the Blockchain as a Witness Node.

Bounty Bot:

The Bot was built on the Steem Blockchain leveraging the APIs capable of observing all transactions, associate bounties and make payouts.

Web UI:

A Web UI was developed on top of the Bot and the servers. This UI helps the users easily get access to the Bounty posts and filter them out so as to pick posts of their interest.


Not only that the Bounty concept offers better rewards to the community, but also creates a revenue generation stream for the client.

Steem Bounty

Steem Bounty leverages the power of existing Steem platform and adds to it an additional layer of monetization for the community members, thus, the quality of content gets better.

The community members create posts regularly on any of the websites that are part of the Steem network. Once the post is created, user can set Bounty to a Steem post by sending STEEM or SBD to Bounty account along with the post URL. The community members make comments or replies and give Upvotes to the articles or comments posted in reply by other community members.

On completion of the set time, Bot makes payouts and distributes STEEM/SBD to the Author and the Commenter(s).

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