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Steem Forever

Make your Each and Every vote count

Easy Steps

Simply transform your link, by replacing "Steemit" of "busy" with "steem-bounty" and share it with your followers to earn extra upvotes after post-pay-out. Or use this landing page to generate the links.

Reward Sharing

The rewards of steemians will be paid out automatically via reward sharing. There is nothing else they need to do.

Earn with the Old

Steem Forever works with any existing post. There is nothing that needs to be done to old post. They can simply be up voted via steem-bounty.com.

Detailed UI

The steem-bounty UI shows how much was generated via the forever feature and how much with the original upvotes

Steem Forever

Upvote post and comments via steem-bounty.com

Steem Forever allows the steemians to enable any of their post and comments to get the votes beyond the 7 days of post life. This way, the post will still be eligible for rewards after the standard pay-out period.

Any of the steemian can add as much rewards or steem in their wallet as they want just by using steem forever.

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