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Verge Vapes

An interactive e-commerce store, selling e-vapes and e-cigarettes.

The Best Technologies

The website for Verge Vapes has been developed on top of latest and technologies like WooCommerce and WordPress. Thus, the website delivers the best UI/UX design on the front-end and an easy handling and content management at the back-end.

Easy Registration

With plugins like WooCommerce Login and Registration Plugin, the website offers an interactive experience to users. They can register by entering their phone number, username, and coupon codes. The website’s back-end is developed to handle tasks like registration, checkout, and browsing, all too well and send alerts after the registration is done.

Customized Development

There are different unique and customized plugins and extensions used within the website, to give the desired experience at the front-end as well as the back-end. When the users’ shop, they can use different codes that are automated through custom plugins and are deducted at the time of checkout!

Neat And Minimal Design

The design of the website is very minimal and neat, adding to the UI/UX quotient of the website. The animations, transitions, and graphics are very interactive and promote great user experience. The page load speed and checkout process are also very fast and easy!

Verge Vapes

Browse a wide range of e-cigarettes and e-vapes through a highly interactive website.

The idea behind Verge Vapes was to provide an online shop where people can buy e-cigarettes and e-vapes. We patiently listened to what the client wanted with his idea, and kicked off the process of turning it into reality!

Our WooCommerce and WordPress experts worked in harmony that resulted in a highly interactive online shop – Verge Vapes. At both the front-end and the back-end, the website offers easy navigation and user experience.
A number of latest WooCommerce plugins are used to enhance the functionality, UI/UX design, and look and feel of the website. With great design, amazing graphics, quality products, and smooth navigation, this website is one of the best of our projects!

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