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An automobile sharing app for users ease.



The user can earn money in the form of rents on already owned assets, rent a complete experience that includes the place, the car to travel around and the other vehicles for enjoying the trip.


Track in a Map

The user i.e. the seller as well as the customer can easily track and place each other on the map. This makes the task easy for seller to locate the customer as well his belonging easily.

XrentY App

Save Money

The user as a customer can save money by owing the car on low rents for the duration and ride the way he wants rather than buying a new one.

Pick your choice

User can search for the vehicle they want, whether it be bicycles, motor vehicles (motorcycles, cars, and trucks), watercraft (Yates, boats), amphibious vehicles (screw-propelled vehicle, hovercraft) or aircraft (Jets, helicopters).



XrentY is a peer to peer platform where one can share their vehicles that includes motor vehicles such as cars, SUVs, water vehicles.


SoftProdigy is involved in all the stages of development from establishing the fundamental base to the development of well-versed app.
The main purpose of XrentY is to reuse vehicles that are already manufactured and is trying to reduce carbon footprint in the planet. With XrentY, guests (rentYs) can have all the benefits of vehicle that already exists.

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