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React Native is an open-source mobile app framework, which is created by Facebook to develop native apps for iOS and Android. Today, most developers and app owners prefer native apps because of their improved performance and user experience.

Also, since the release of React Native, the team of developers and programmers is bringing timely changes in this framework to make it more convenient and easy to use.

Recently, the team announced the update version React Native 0.63 with LogBox to improve the debugging experience. The latest React Native comes with new features to manage poorly and tedious formatted error logs and enhancements to allow developers to abide by new App Store rules.

Apart from this, React Native also comes with LogBox, which helps in tidying up error messages. It was also introduced as an option in the previous version or React Native 0.62. However, in 0.63, LogBox is available as a default experience in all React Native. Remember, whenever you hire a React Native development services provider for your mobile app, make sure you keep abreast the latest updates and trends.

  • LogBox

The updated React Native 0.63 came as a response to the community complaints stating the difficulties in debugging errors and warnings in React Native. Therefore, it has redesigned from the beginning to address the issues. When it comes to LogBox in React Native, it is redesigned yellowbox, redbox, and logging experience.

The primary goals of LogBox include:

  • Logs should provide concise information for debugging the issues.
  • They should be formatted quickly for finding information.
  • Lastly, they need to be actionable.

To achieve these goals, LogBox has log notifications that support errors so that console.log and console.warn messages show up as notifications instead of staying hidden. Also, code frames have added to errors and warnings, which allow quick identification of the source of an issue.

On the other hand, component stacks have removed from the error messages and put in a separate section. As a result, you will have a single, consistent space without any clutter from the log message. Additionally, LogBox has improved syntax error formatting and added code frames with syntax highlighting, which helps in identifying error source and fixing it.

  • Pressable

React Native 0.63 also has a new component Pressable that helps in detecting multiple stages of press interaction using a touchscreen. The main goal of this feature is to tackle issues with Touchable components such as TouchableWithoutFeedback and TouchableOpacity.

As quoted by Mike Grabowski, the core contributor in the React Native, “Pressable can be used to detect various types of interactions. The API provides direct access to the current state of interaction without any need to maintain state manually in a parent component,” he added.

  • Native colors

Every native platform comes with the concept of the system-defined color. React Native 0.63 comes with two new things, such as PlaformColor and DynamicColor.

The former allows developers to use native colors of the device from Android or iOS. And in the later, the colors respond automatically depending on theme settings like light/dark mode, and accessibility setting such as high contrast mode.

Other significant changes and improvements in React Native 0.63 include:

  • It supports rendering <View /> in <Text /> without setting its height, width, and size, which was not possible in previous versions of React Native.
  • Changed iOS LaunchScreen from xib to storyboard.

Several people have contributed to successfully releasing the React Native 0.63.

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Summary – Facebook-backed, the latest update of React Native 0.63 has released a few weeks ago with LogBox and other features that make error debugging experience better than ever. The new changes and tweaks in React Native also overcome the challenges faced by previous releases.

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