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Often, people perceive React Native and ReactJS as interchangeable technologies. In recent years, people are taking over the internet to know if ReactJS and React Native are the same. Instead, it has turned out to be the hottest topic among the businesses looking out to build a robust mobile app. Additionally, several have approached us with the same question.

For this reason, we are here to tell you everything about React Native and ReactJS. With this information, you will learn whether to choose ReactJS or React Native consulting services for your business.  

React Native Vs ReactJS

Before delving deeper into each of these technologies, one thing that we want to make clear is that you cannot compare React Native with ReactJS. They are not variations of the same technology. But they have a completely different nature. So, this automatically makes them incomparable.

Besides the differences, React Native and ReactJS do share a few similarities. For example, they are technologies and work on common principles. Below, we will talk about this in detail.

  • The basic nature and purposes of React Native and ReactJS

React Native is a framework that helps in defining the architecture of a mobile app. It allows developers to build native mobile apps that support both iOS and Android devices. The React Native app development is based on single code reusability, so it saves you money and time for creating two different applications.

On the other hand, ReactJS is a library of JavaScript coding language. Created by Facebook, this library is a reusable building block, which means developers can use it without writing the code again. One of the primary benefits of ReactJS is you can create a web application with a high-performing user interface.

  • How do ReactJS and React Native work?

To be specific here, React Native and ReactJS have intermingled meaning, which signifies that React Native creates mobile applications using ReactJS. But they are still not interrelated as technologies falling in the same category. Let’s look at how they both work.

Speaking about web applications built using ReactJS; they work entirely different from React Native apps. React creates virtual DOM, also known as a virtual copy of DOM that enables developers to make changes in the app without disturbing other parts of the interface.

The process for React JS involves:

An input from a user -> the alterations are reflected in the components’ data models of a Virtual DOM -> the User Interface is updated.

The advantage of using ReactJS is it allows users to create a dynamic, highly-performing UI for web applications.

In React Native apps, the development process is similar to ReactJS. It is because React Native uses the ReactJS library for creating mobile apps. But unlike ReactJS that makes updates in a virtual copy of DOM in the browser, React Native uses Java application programming interfaces or Objective C to render to Android or iOS components. For this reason, UI elements of mobile applications look almost similar to native apps.

To sum up

Both React Native and ReactJS are two different technologies, which do share some similarities. But it does not mean you can use them interchangeably. Depending on the above discussion, it is quite clear the discussion React Native Vs ReactJS has no sense, as both technologies play a crucial role in the world of mobile and app development in their ways.

The reason why the demand for React Native consulting services has increased is because businesses can create mobile applications supporting iOS and Android. However, apps built with React Native do not offer great UX and UI. It is one shortcoming.

If you are looking for a company that offers reliable React Native consulting services, get in touch with SoftProdigy. We have a team of professionals with years of experience and expertise in building React Native apps.

Summary – Are you starting your own start-up business? If yes, you might need a solution that helps you promote your products or services to a wide range of audiences. With React Native, you can create a mobile app that gives you access to customers at leading operating systems iOS and Android. Hire a React Native developer and unleash your business potential.

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