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Mobile application development has created a niche for itself pertaining to its ever-growing demand in the market. Creating and launching a mobile app is a dream project for a large number of companies. But do you think every mobile app is capable of attracting the same level of popularity as others?

Well! The answer is No.

The reason is, while developing the apps, businesses often are not able to reach a conclusion whether they should develop a mobile app with superlative User Interface (UI) and commendable User Experience (UX) or apps, which are compatible with multiple platforms. And this is the point when React Native for iOS development and Android development comes to the rescue.

Allow us to answer the most basic question on this technology before heading forward.


What is React Native?

React Native is a mobile app development framework that helps you create amazing mobile apps but with the help of JavaScript only. It supports both android and iOS platforms. It is a framework that builds a hierarchy of UI components to build the JavaScript code. What’s more interesting about this technology is that it could be compatible with other platforms like Windows or tvOS in the coming time.

It is simple, quick, and efficient. The apps load quickly and have a native look & feel. This technology has attracted the attention of giant companies like Walmart, Instagram, Bloomberg, Tesla, and others.

Having said that about the basics of React Native, let us now take a sneak peek into some pros and cons of this technology.


Pros of React Native


  1. Reduced development time

You just need to write the code once and then you can run it on any platform- Android or iOS. It takes less development time but delivers more valuable results. React Native is capable of enabling cross-platform usage.

  • Performance

React Native makes use of native controls and native modules, which ultimately boost the performance. It interacts with the native components for iOS or Android and renders the code to native APIs directly. It uses a separate thread from UI and improves the performance. React Native makes use of the native APIs. Facebook has also initiated the task to boost React Native on Android.

  • Actively growing community

React Native is an open-source project, which means that anyone can contribute to the network. In case you face any issue, you can fix it with the assistance from experts in the community. It also offers additional packages expanding the standard library functionality supported by the professionals.

  • Reliable apps

React Native offers reliable and stable apps as the end results. Data binding is so perfect that no child element can affect the parent data. In case you need any modification, talk to your developer and he will simply modify its state and apply the updates accordingly.

  • Cost-cutting

React Native is a money-saver as you don’t need to hire separate developers or team for different development targets. As said earlier, the developer writes the code once, which is then used for both the platforms. This means that you need less amount of resources and costs on building the app.

  • Creates one app running for multiple OS

React Native can create one app running for multiple OS. You won’t get the advanced functionality but the provision of cross-platform usage of apps overcomes this setback.


Cons of React Native


  1. Presence of a few glitches

React Native is not flawless and has some glitches, though it is improving with time. The most prominent one is the lack of some custom modules in the framework, which demands more time in building and creating your own modules.

  • Security is a concern

React Native is a JavaScript-based library and is famous for its fragility. Due to this, you need to be vigilant enough to keep a check on malicious code snippets that can harm the functionality of your app. This is with special reference to mobile banking apps and personal finance apps.

  • Ready-made components are limited

The collection of ready-made components is very small. It will increase definitely in the future but at the present moment, the count is very low. This limits the ability of the developers to create even basic apps.

  • Quality factor

Due to the shortage of ready-made components, the developer may use third-party component libraries. But these third-party component libraries are not created by the official developers and may contain bugs and glitches. This creates hurdles for developers.

  • Uncertainty

Facebook has developed this framework and the existence of React Native is purely in the hands of it. It can discontinue its project anytime. In case that happens, it is just the growing popularity of the technology, which can save it from getting discontinued.

  • Memory management

As we know that React Native is JavaScript-based, it’s not suited for computation- intensive apps. In terms of memory management, it is handled inefficiently.


React Native has garnered huge appreciation and popularity because of its distinct features. If you are on a hunt for the best React Native development company, your search ends here.

SoftProdigy Solutions is a trusted React Native development services company and has delivered a good number of quality results for its clients. Know more about SoftProdigy Solutions as the premium React Native development services company.

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He possesses matchless expertise in Corona, PhoneGap, JQuery, Xamarin, Cocoa, Cocoa Touch, IoT, Objective-C, Swift and other SDKs with a high-end understanding of the mobile ecosystem.

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