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Known as the future of cross-platform mobile applications, React Native is growing in demand due to its impressive capabilities and features. While it comes with numerous advantages, the most prominent is its code reusability. As a result, developers can use the same code for iOS and Android, which reduces their effort and development time.

The benefits of hiring React Native consulting services for your business are many, but they are not limited to this. Talking about the developer’s point of view, React Native is one of the most versatile mobile app development frameworks. Firstly, it has open-source modules that cut down development expenses. Secondly, as mentioned already, its code reusable allows developers to build apps in a much reduced time.

In simple words, a single codebase can be used for developing an app for Android and iOS. And programmers do not have to write code again and again. However, regardless of the incredible capabilities and convenience, many developers tend to make some errors when developing apps using React Native. It may affect your app’s performance and user engagement.

The good news is some of these mistakes you can prevent with ease by taking care of a few attributes. In this post, we will look at common React Native app development mistakes that are preventable.

  • Not paying attention to details – Undoubtedly, you can use a single codebase for Android and iOS. But their page structure differs significantly. For this reason, developers must be well-prepared when developing a cross-platform app, as they will have to deal with two different layouts. Therefore, before making any estimate, it is essential to understand both databases and backend points.
  • Flaws in Redux store setup – Over the years, Redux underwent improvements to ensure easy management of an app. Known as a versatile tool, Redux allows you to store data while keeping the application well-structured. But often, developers fail to set up the Redux store properly. It further messes up the functionality of your app.

Therefore, developers need to make the right preparations for building the store structure and keeping files well-organized. Besides this, they must pay attention to adding middleware and considering store configuration.

  • Failing to optimize images – Another prevalent error React Native developers make when developing mobile apps is not prioritizing image optimization. The output of React Native applications depends significantly on the image. So, it is vital to consider image optimization. Please remember, online users always appreciate images that load fast and have ideal sizes.
  • Not practicing proper unit tests – It is not unusual for developers to develop React Native applications without writing test units. So, it is no surprise to miss out on this step. But if you do not practice proper unit tests, you are risking your project. It will help you access the functionalities and features of your app at the right stage. Thus, you are unlikely to face product failure.

For example, once the product is live, fixing the issues is a time-consuming and frustrating task. So, it is advisable to practice unit tests and get the glitches fixed side by side.

  • Neglecting project structure – Many React Native developers disregard project structure as an unnecessary step. But it plays an essential role in app development, as it will help you organize the project in various ways. Often, due to a lack of proper structure, it is difficult to manage the project while streamlining its functionalities.

If you are looking for reliable React Native consulting services, get in touch with SoftProdigy. We house a team of experts with years of experience in developing cross-platform apps using React Native.

Summary – Are you thinking of using React Native for your start-up mobile app? If yes, then make sure you do it correctly. By avoiding common development errors, you can maximize the use of your app. Thus, it is best to work with a company that offers trustworthy React Native Consulting services. Meanwhile, have a look at the most common React Native app development mistakes.

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