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Over the last few years, React Native technology has been evolving like never before. In 2013, Facebook developed this open-source framework as Internal Hackathon. But today, it is one of the most popular frameworks for Android and iOS mobile app development.

With 1,408 contributors and 203 releases on Github, React Native has become the most preferred framework amongst the mobile app developers across the globe. As a result, both startups and Fortune 500 companies are hiring React Native development services for their mobile app. In this post, we have listed below top apps using React Native.

  • Facebook

Facebook is the first cross-platform mobile app built with React Native. The app features intuitive UX, a clear interface, and simple navigation, which boosts users’ experience.

  • Bloomberg

Bloomberg app is built to offer global finance and business news to the readers.  Before adopting React Native for their mobile app development, the team needed significant time in maintaining and updating the Android and iOS apps individually. But with React Native mobile app development, now, Bloomberg offers interactive and personalized content along with hot reloads and automated code refreshers.

  • Walmart

We already know how innovative the processes of Walmart are, at least have an idea. After a few years of adding Node.JS, the team introduced React Native in the toolset, which improved the performance of the app and offered a near-native interface.

  • Instagram

Well, it is quite challenging to change an existing app to new technology. But thankfully, with the simple UI of Instagram, it is comparatively easier for this social media app to adopt React Native technology. After the introduction of React Native, the efforts of developers for writing the code have reduced significantly, as nearly 90% of codes are the same for iOS and Android apps.

  • Townske

Townske offers a travel guide to its users, connecting visitors with the locals. The app also provides them a list of favorite places. Townske was already using ReactJS for front end development, which convinced them to build their mobile app with React Native. As a result, they enjoy several benefits such as speedy development, code sharing facility, and deployment. 

  • Airbnb

Airbnb is another popular mobile app built with React Native. There is a team of 60 software professionals working on React technology regularly to maintain the app. The use of this technology has made it possible to build reusable code, and refactoring has become more convenient than ever.

  • Ubereats

React Native is used only in a small part of Ubereats, but it offers a remarkable experience to the users in terms of UX and UI. Since they were already using React for their app, developing an app with React Native turned out to be a smarter solution, which comes with functions like push notifications and sound notifications.

Based on the given examples, it has become clear that React Native can build mobile apps with any idea, any content, and any scale.

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Summary – Turn your mobile app idea into reality with our top-notch React Native development services.

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