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Innovation drives technology forward. Now this concept of innovation is all set to revolutionize React native development services completely. That’s right! You’re reading everything perfectly alright!

What’s So Special?

Agora.io, industry leader in the domain of real-time communication solutions, has announced plans of releasing its own React Native SDK. Every React Native development company will be able to use it as an open-source developer toolset. It’ll take the mobile users in-app voice and video calling experience to a whole new level.

Wanna Know How?

This new React Native SDK actually makes life easy for developers providing React Native development services. That’s true! it’s mainly for two reasons:

  • First, the ease of cross-platform mobile app development.
  • Second, the ease of deploying and maintaining two important features within native smartphone apps:
  • Embedded voice communication
  • Embedded video communication

Let’s make it simple for you to understand. React Native is constantly gaining more popularity because React Native development companies can save their time. They’ve to make less effort to integrate the following into iOS and Android apps:

  • Real-time voice chat
  • Real-time video conferencing
  • Interactive broadcasting

They don’t have to bother about recreating the whole code from the scratch. That’s the best thing about it.  Agora.io will constantly work on rolling out relevant updates from time to time. According to Mr. Tony Zahao, Founder and CEO at Agora.io, our newly released React Native SDK is gonna be a future-proof solution, simplicity, and reliability that developers can get from our SDK’s that are platform specific.

Why Has This New SDK Been Designed?

Great point! It’s actually been designed to provide extra options to developers. It’ll help them deploy tested feature to monetize users’ experience.

That’s Not the Only React Native Services Update for You:

Again, you’re reading perfectly alright!  React Native .56 is now available. So all React Native development companies should upgrade their relevant development practices. It wasn’t easy to release this update. Releasing this update was like a roller-coaster ride.

However, dedicated communication between all React Native community members should be credited for its release.

Now Let’s See What’s In it?

It isn’t bringing anything new to your platter. That’s right! But that doesn’t mean there isn’t anything in it for you. Actually, some major things have been changed or improved in it. That’s why all companies providing React Native Development Services now need to upgrade their relevant development practices accordingly.

Changes in IT:

  • It now supports Babel 7
  • Advanced android support in compliance with Play store requirements rolling out in August 2018
  • Support for new Node, Xcode, React and Flow

That’s why React Native is now being called the future of interactive app development.

A plenty of relevant updates are likely to be rolled out in near future. These updates are mainly gonna change users’ voice and video calling experience immensely. It’ll never be the way it’s been so far. So all React Native Development Companies need to stay alert!

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