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10 Keywords Optimization25 Keywords Optimization50 Keywords Optimization100 Keywords Optimization
4 Keywords Top 10 Guarantee*10 Keywords Top 10 Guarantee*20 Keywords Top 10 Guarantee*40 Keywords Top 10 Guarantee*
Initial Review & AnalysisInitial Review & AnalysisInitial Review & AnalysisInitial Review & Analysis
Website AnalysisWebsite AnalysisWebsite AnalysisWebsite Analysis
Content Duplicacy CheckContent Duplicacy CheckContent Duplicacy CheckContent Duplicacy Check
Initial Backlinks analysisInitial Backlinks analysisInitial Backlinks analysisInitial Backlinks analysis
Google Penalty CheckGoogle Penalty CheckGoogle Penalty CheckGoogle Penalty Check
Competition AnalysisCompetition AnalysisCompetition AnalysisCompetition Analysis
Keyword ResearchKeyword ResearchKeyword ResearchKeyword Research
On Page OptimizationOn Page OptimizationOn Page OptimizationOn Page Optimization
Onpage Changes Upto 10 PagesOnpage Changes Upto 25 PagesOnpage Changes Upto 50 PagesOnpage Changes Upto 100 Pages
Title Tags OptimizationTitle Tags OptimizationTitle Tags OptimizationTitle Tags Optimization
META Tags OptimizationMETA Tags OptimizationMETA Tags OptimizationMETA Tags Optimization
Content OptimizationContent OptimizationContent OptimizationContent Optimization
HTML Code OptimizationHTML Code OptimizationHTML Code OptimizationPage Speed Optimization
Internal Linking OptimizationInternal Linking OptimizationInternal Linking OptimizationHTML Code Optimization
Heading Tags OptimizationHeading Tags OptimizationHeading Tags OptimizationInternal Linking Optimization
Canonicalization/301 RedirectCanonicalization/301 RedirectCanonicalization/301 RedirectHeading Tags Optimization
Schema Markup ImplementationSchema Markup ImplementationSchema Markup ImplementationCanonicalization/301 Redirect
Images OptimizationImages OptimizationImages OptimizationWebPage Load Optimization
Hyperlink OptimizationHyperlink OptimizationHyperlink OptimizationnSchema Markup Implementation
Robots.txt Creation/OptimizationRobots.txt Creation/OptimizationRobots.txt Creation/OptimizationImages Optimization
Sitemap CreationSitemap CreationSitemap CreationHyperlink Optimization
Google Webmaster Tools SetupnGoogle Webmaster Tools SetupGoogle Webmaster Tools SetupRobots.txt Creation/Optimization
Bing Webmaster Tools SetupBing Webmaster Tools SetupBing Webmaster Tools SetupSitemap Creation
Google Analytics Setup & IntegrationGoogle Analytics Setup & IntegrationGoogle Analytics Setup & IntegrationGoogle Webmaster Tools Setup
Content Marketing & Link BuildingContent Marketing & Link BuildingContent Marketing & Link BuildingBing Webmaster Tools Setup
Search Engine SubmissionsSearch Engine SubmissionsSearch Engine SubmissionsGoogle Analytics Setup & Integration
2 Blogs Writing6 Blogs Writing14 Blogs WritingContent Marketing & Link Building
4 Blog Posting Links12 Blog Posting Links28 Blog Posting LinksSearch Engine Submissions
10 Blogs Social Bookmarking Links20 Blogs Social Bookmarking Links30 Blogs Social Bookmarking Links30 Blogs Writing
1Press Release Writing2Blogs Social Bookmarking Links4Blogs Social Bookmarking Links60Blog Posting Links
10Press Release Links20Press Release Links40Press Release Links40Blogs Social Bookmarking Links
Local Optimization2Guest Blogging Links4Guest Blogging Links8Press Release Writing
NAP SyndicationLocal OptimizationLocal Optimization80Press Release Links
Google Business Page CreationNAP SyndicationNAP Syndication8Guest Blogging Links
Bing Local Listing CreationGoogle Business Page CreationGoogle Business Page CreationLocal Optimization
Pages Updation & Schema IntegrationBing Local Listing CreationBing Local Listing CreationNAP Syndication
Classified SubmissionsPages Updation & Schema IntegrationPages Updation & Schema IntegrationGoogle Business Page Creation
Social Media MarketingClassified SubmissionsClassified SubmissionsBing Local Listing Creation
20 Social BookmarkingSocial Media MarketingSocial Media MarketingPages Updation & Schema Integration
Twitter Account Setup30 Social Bookmarking30 Social BookmarkingClassified Submissions
Google+ Account SetupTwitter Account SetupTwitter Account SetupSocial Media Marketing
3Unique Social Media PostingGoogle+ Account SetupGoogle+ Account Setup50 Social Bookmarking
Video Marketing5 Unique Social Media Posting10 Unique Social Media PostingTwitter Account Setup
Youtube Account SetupVideo MarketingVideo MarketingGoogle+ Account Setup
Vimeo Account SetupYoutube Account SetupYoutube Account Setup15 Unique Social Media Posting
Dailymotion Account SetupVimeo Account SetupVimeo Account SetupVideo Marketing
1 Video / PPT Creation + Distribution**1 Video / PPT Creation + Distribution**2 Video / PPT Creation + Distribution**5 Video / PPT Creation + Distribution**


Yes, we offer discounts to our resellers and it starts with a minimum of 10%! So, if you're a reseller, looking forward to outsource a good deal of projects to us, we will deliver our standard SEO packages at discounted prices to you.

Get in touch with us to discuss your projects further so as to negotiate the discounted prices. We keep room for negotiations based on the kind of project, its duration, level of difficulty, and level of operations.

SPECIAL DISCOUNTS! Enjoy heavy discounts on our SEO packages by making an advance payment for 3 or 6 months. Contact us to know more!


Why should I trust you?

SoftProdigy has been in existence since 2006 and till date, we have worked on more than 2100 projects from a wide array of industries. We have worked with more than 1800 clients from around the globe and thus, our qualifications, experience, and expertise are quite well verified. With an 85% of repeat business, we validate our sole motive that is client satisfaction and high-quality delivery of work. You can hear it straight from our clients in our testimonials section.

What would be your work patterns for my project?

We start our work with a friendly discussion with our clients. This allows us to know about their expectations, business ideas, and the goals that they are willing to achieve through our services. The work on projects start with the setting up of goals that we work on in a very systematic manner. With daily, weekly, or monthly reports, we keep you updated about the progress of the projects, the efforts made, and the results achieved. We keep you well-informed through convenient communication channels. If once in a blue moon, things don't work out as per the plans, we rework on our strategies and make them more effective. Thus, through a planned work layout and a systematic management of projects, we promise complete satisfaction and success.

What is your procedure of pricing the services and packages?

Our SEO packages have been designed through a very meticulous analysis of our services and the requirement of the clients. The packages have services distributed as per the different needs and requirements of businesses. This pricing is done on the basis of the general requirements of different businesses, as per our experience in the industry. If any of the packages doesn't suit your needs, you can ask for a customized package and we will deliver you the same!

How long does it usually take for you to achieve the desired results?

This wholly depends on the kind of project that we are dealing with. With different clients and business types, our experience has been different and this is because of the diversity in goals and objectives of different businesses.

So, only after we get acquainted with your business idea and the goals and objectives to be achieved, can we tell about the turnaround time for achieving the results.

What are the payment options that I can use?

We believe in keeping things simple and hassle-free for our clients and thus, we offer the simplest and common payment methods to you. You can make the payments through check, credit card, or can even make a bank transfer.

What terms and conditions are there in the contract?

Our professionalism is what makes us stand out from most of the service providers. We believe in safeguarding the rights of both the parties – you and us and thus, in the beginning of the project, we sign a contract. For the sake of simplicity and understandability, we have kept the terms and conditions of the contract quite uncomplicated.

7) What if you don't achieve the desired results?

This rarely happens! However, in case we lag behind in meeting the deadlines or accomplishing any task in time, we will provide you services for an extended period of time, with no additional charges.

8) What if I couldn't find my question here?

You can always get in touch with us for any queries. We will be there to answer your questions!