Solidity Blockchain Development

Execute smart contracts in any type of blockchain now with Solidity. Hire Solidity developers at SoftProdigy and perk up your game of blockchain with the best technology!

Creating Blockchain Applications- Build and Deploy Smart Contracts with Solidity. Perk up your game of Blockchain with our advanced technology.

Develop and manage DApps with this object-oriented high-level programming language called Solidity and take your business to higher levels. Solidity is an advanced Blockchain-based language that allows a secure and reliable process for different platforms.

Solidity is an advanced programming language used only for Blockchain development. The language is statistically typed and has its results available on every node. Being a Blockchain-specific language, Solidity is used to write Ethereum-based applications and smart contracts. Also, with the help of this programming language, smart contracts can be executed in Blockchain efficiently.


With a team of experts specializing in C++, Python, and JavaScript, SoftProdigy homes the best professionals that provide cutting-edge Solidity Blockchain app development services. As we master in this contract-oriented language, we help you create contracts for crowdfunding, voting, trade finance, blind auctions, and many more blockchain-based contracts.


Smart Contracts are highly useful in insurance policies, specifically when the claims take place. If done manually, it is always a lengthy process; automating with smart contracts can make things transparent, secure and fast. The entertainment industry often experiences security issues like who owns the copyright or payment issues and more. With smart contracts build on Solidity, it is easier to track all kinds of copyrights, payments and more instantly. For Blockchain-based applications, we have got a complete package of expertise and skills. Get in touch with us and get your project started today!

Solidity Blockchain Development
  • Smart Contracts Written in Solidity

    Blockchain has changed the game of documentation in the digital world and one such example is the smart contracts! The Solidity developers at SoftProdigy, help businesses by developing Solidify-based smart contracts – the computerized protocols used to execute the terms of a contract digitally.

  • Solidity DApp Development

    Decentralized Apps (DApps) store the source code on a distributed peer-to-peer network. The data created on the app is verified using Blockchain technology. At SoftProdigy, we have a dedicated Solidity DApp development team that has the expertise to develop seamless and smooth functioning applications to create huge opportunities for launching new products and services.

  • Digital Token Creation

    Businesses are adopting cryptocurrency and Blockchain entirely now. The best real-life example is of a movie theatre. You show your ticket to enter the movie hall and many times you get an add-on of popcorn and coke on your movie ticket which is used at the snacks counter. So, here the movie theatre is DApp, money spent on buying the ticket is Ether and ticket is token. Our dedicated developers create tokens.

  • Full-Stack Development

    The introduction of blockchain has changed the meaning of software and web development these days. Now, while the old-school development techniques are still in demand, businesses seek experts that can perform the best in blockchain development as well. The Solidity developers are well-versed with all the layers of blockchain development and thus, result in highly competent full-stack development.

Web Development Portfolio
Steem Forever
Steem Forever

Make your Each and Every vote count.

  • Rewards are paid out automatically via reward sharing.
  • Steem Forever works with any existing post.
  • Any of the steemian can add as much rewards in their wallet by using steem forever.
  • Upvote post and comments via

Steem Vote Exchange Club
Steem Vote Club

Vote Optimization with vote exchange club.

  • Automated Bot solution that lets the Steem users maximize their return of Steem Power.
  • Set Voting power- detects the influence of up votes.
  • Club member with active posts and available voting power are identified.
  • Matched users vote on each other’s post to get their votes equally adjusted.

Steem Bounty
Steem Bounty

Blockchain based platform that allows users to add financial value to their content.

  • Leverages the power of existing Steem platform by adding an additional layer of monetization on Steemit.
  • A Web UI was developed on top of the Bot and the servers.
  • Bounty concept offers rewards to the community.
  • Revenue generation stream is created for the client.

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