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With Steemit being widely accepted throughout the world, Steem is another buzzword in the world of cryptocurrency! SoftProdigy’s steem blockchain development services can help you delve deeper into the world of Steem blockchain and get the best out of it!

Through a widely expanding user base, Steemit’s idea of boosting the use of Steem blockchain is turning to be true! Businesses can now adopt steem development to win their blockchain game too!

Businessmen hustling in the digital world and trying their luck in newer technologies must be well aware of Steemit and steem bot development.

Steemit is a blockchain-based social media, social networking, and blogging platform. It’s a new age attention economy that leverages an immutable blockchain ledger to store the user content and rewards users for sharing their voice.


The platform was introduced in March 2016 and the distribution of tokens started in July 2016. Since then, Steemit has been growing 20% organically, every month. As of March 2018, the platform has close to 900,000 users! With an Alexa rank of 963, Steemit is one of the most visited sites throughout the world.


Such a whopping rate of growth and worldwide adoption of this platform has stirred the world of blockchain up a little! With the platform being a success and the introduction of dApps and smart tokens, businesses are now adopting this technology with the help of steem blockchain development experts.


At SoftProdigy, our vibrant team of experts is passionate about Steemit and steem development that ensures great customer success. With our deep expertise and best-in-class solutions of Steemit and blockchain related technologies, we have accelerated breakthrough innovations that drives impeccable business outcomes. We deliver the best steem blockchain development solutions for you to stand out in the competition.

Steem Blockchain Development
  • Steem Bots Development

    Steem bots are a great way to get upvotes and increase your payout potential on the platform. Leverage our exceptional steem bot development services to create your own Steem bots. We specialize in creating bid bots, info bots, upvote bots, and bots for community and curation. Want to transform your idea of a bot into an intelligent reality? We’ve got you covered!

  • Steem and Ethereum-based Application Development

    SoftProdigy specializes in developing applications based on platforms like Steem and Ethereum. We have acquired an in-depth knowledge of the blockchain technology and are bringing it to use by the creation of custom-built blockchain applications. If you have an idea of blockchain app in mind, we can help you create one!

  • Setting Up Servers that act as Blockchain Nodes or Witnesses on Steem Platform

    The expert team of developers at SoftProdigy is well-acquainted with the knowledge of blockchain technology. Through practical expertise in steem blockchain development, we help businesses in setting up servers as blockchain nodes or Steemit witnesses to keep the record of transactions for a particular token.

  • dApps Development On Top of Steem Blockchain

    By making the most of Steem’s blockchain technology, we develop dApps that work seamlessly to deliver a superior customer experience. With Steem blockchain being the base of both – dApps and Steemit, the rewards can be shared on both the platforms. Clone apps like and Zappl are already doing it big in the world of the blockchain, your dApp can be the next!

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Steem Forever
Steem Forever

Make your Each and Every vote count.

  • Rewards are paid out automatically via reward sharing.
  • Steem Forever works with any existing post.
  • Any of the steemian can add as much rewards in their wallet by using steem forever.
  • Upvote post and comments via

Steem Vote Exchange Club
Steem Vote Club

Vote Optimization with vote exchange club.

  • Automated Bot solution that lets the Steem users maximize their return of Steem Power.
  • Set Voting power- detects the influence of up votes.
  • Club member with active posts and available voting power are identified.
  • Matched users vote on each other’s post to get their votes equally adjusted.

Steem Bounty
Steem Bounty

Blockchain based platform that allows users to add financial value to their content.

  • Leverages the power of existing Steem platform by adding an additional layer of monetization on Steemit.
  • A Web UI was developed on top of the Bot and the servers.
  • Bounty concept offers rewards to the community.
  • Revenue generation stream is created for the client.

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