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Gone are the days when you could market/promote your business out of your home town easily. Invention of social media platforms have taken business marketing to a whole new level. There are a number of social media websites or apps doing rounds on internet. Many fashion brands are using social media platforms for business promotion.

Many social media platforms and apps like Instagram, SnapChat and YouTube, Pinetrest, Google+ and StumbleUpon are making their presence felt among fashion brands looking for opportunities to promote their clothing line.

And these social media networking platforms or apps are introducing new features every day to attract business to promote their clothing lines using their business promotion services. And this catfight among them is now really getting tough day-by-day.

However, Facebook still rules the roost.  In simple words, Facebook is still the king of social media marketing. And perhaps this is why fashion brands still embrace Facebook for promoting their clothing lines.

What Inspires Fashion Brands to Promote their Clothing Lines On Facebook?

Levi’s, one of the most popular clothing lines in the world, uses Facebook for promoting its business. This is first the burning question of the day! But why? Stats explain everything! Take a look below:

Levis Facebook Page

  • Almost 180,626 people are talking about Levi’s.
    2,158 people checked in at Levi’s from different locations.
  • 24,209,409 people like Levi’s through Facebook. And this number is only going up day-by-day.
  • Facebook has added to levi’s fan base by 15, 735 only within the current week.
  • 24, 190, 300 people are following Levi’s through Facebook.

This is merely a tip of the whole iceberg as Vogue, another popular clothing line in the world, utilizes Facebook for social media marketing to reach new customers or fans. And Facebook is really turning the game in the favor of Vogue in stiff competition. And stats prove it:

Vogue India Facebook Stats

  • 46, 040 people are talking about Vogue and its products/clothes.
  • Facebook has given Vogue 1,664,420 new fans through likes.
  • And this week, vogue earned 3,887 new likes through Facebook.
  • 1,631, 762 people are following Vogue and its products/clothing’s through Facebook.

Talking about Gucci, another famous clothing line, is also not far behind in this race. See the stats below:

Gucci Facebook Page

  • 54, 904 people are talking about this renowned clothing line.
  • 132, 617 people checked in at Gucci stores this week.
  • 15, 942, 991 people like it.
  • Facebook help Gucci earn 28,997 likes in the form of new potential clients.
  • 15, 556, 391 people are talking about Gucci or its products in the current week.

This is all because of Facebook. Facebook has provided access to new customers in every part of the world to help these brands take their business to a whole new level of growth.  In other words, these stats prove why Facebook is still the first of choice all famous clothing lines for marketing or promotion.

But How Facebook Helps Clothing Lines Promote Themselves?

In other words, What should you do to promote your clothing line on Facebook to rub shoulder with brands Like Gucci, Levi’s and Vogue? This is second burning question of the day!

Honestly, Successful marketing of your clothing line is subject to flawless application of social media marketing strategy. And there is no doubt about it. This is why brands like Gucci, Vogue and Levi’s have grown so much through Facebook.

Do you have your own clothing line? Do you also want to promote your clothing line on Facebook? Here are some ways for you to promote your clothing line using Facebook and its apps:

Use Facebook Messenger

This chatterbox of Facebook is proving to be a hit among fashion brands. Burberry, a popular Fashion brand headquartered in London, England, is already using Facebook messenger for marketing. Burberry used it for its heritage campaign called ‘The Tale of Thomas Burberry” to give a people chance to interact with a bot about the founder of Burberry and also to give them a useful gift buying advice.

  • In a similar way, you can also use Facebook Messenger to promote your clothing line. According to a report published in 2016, Facebook Messenger has more than 1 billion monthly active users from different parts of the world. Therefore, your clothing line stands a good chance getting in touch with your target market on large scale.

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  • You can also think about integrating a chat bot with Facebook Messenger to be able serve your existing and potential customers immediately at a place where they already are.
  • Creation of an interactive advertisement opening a conversation can also help. There is a certain process that you must follow for creating a messenger app. See the process below:
    • Remember to select “Traffic” as your key marketing objective while setting your advertisements in Ads messenger.
    • Now get back to the messenger Ad settings and chose “Messenger” as the destination for placement of your brands advertisements.

Facebook Ad Placement Options

  • Your next step should be to place your call-action-sentence under the Headline and Text options you see in the photo provided below. You are not allowed to customize your button text. But you can definitely customize your message, link your website and place them straightaway into your customer’s messenger app.
Call to Action Facebook
Source: Impactbnd

This is the preview of your clothing line’s Facebook Messenger advertisement that your existing as well as the target audience is going to see in their newsfeed. Just a click on it will them to their Facebook Messenger or page to interact with your fashion brand directly with very little effort.

  • Facebook Messenger is no longer just a chatting app. Therefore, you can think about making the most of it for better customer care with Auto Replies. Following are the steps to set up an Auto-Reply in your messenger in just a few seconds:
  • First of all, login to your Facebook business page and click the settings option from the top right corner of your screen.
  • Now you should click on the Messaging option and remember to switch the Responsive Assistant to “Yes”.
  • Now you are ready to add your own custom message.
  • Finally, click the save option to save your custom Auto-Reply.

Make sure you follow all the steps as shown in a picture below:

Facebook Business Page
Source: Ninjateam

Final Suggestion:

You will need to have a proper social media marketing strategy in place to be able to boost your clothing line using Facebook messenger app. As for reason, you would like to get in touch with at least 59% Facebook Messenger users from 14 different countries of the world who like to message like to message on daily basis.

During this whole process, you are advised to make sure your Facebook Messenger ads or chat bots spread positive experiences about your clothing line and its products and services and help your brand communicate with people in the best possible way.

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