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Artificial links to your website-impacts links are like cancer for your website. But every diseases has its cure. You can get your website back in the good books of Google with a strategic approach complying with Google’s Webmaster’s guidelines.

1. Act Immediately:

Time is money! Right? I hope you know that! Don’t waste it! One more thing, don’t take roller-coaster ride of emotions triggered by this penalty imposed on your website by Google. You must act quickly wisely to get your website back in the good books of Google before Google serves you the following notice for not removing all of the unnatural links detected on your website.

2. Thoroughly Audit links:

This is what the doctor orders for! You can start the task with the links available on Google’s Webmaster Tools. It plays a key role to lower the pain of Unnatural Links to your website- Impacts Links manual penalty.

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Navigation to the following path is also advised to get the list of all links to your website:

Search traffic > Links to your Site > who links the most – More > Download Latest Links

This is a very crucial period for you because Google provides its feedback. Now you must take this feedback into consideration seriously as some links are provided as a sample after the rejection of first request for site reconsideration.

This is very critical part of the whole situation as you will see the development of Link Classifications and Related Actions mentioned below:

  • Link Not Found:You will not see any link available on the page. A hyperactive person like you will consider the Disavow option. Don’t get hyperactive/hypertensive and have some patience because you may not have to Disavow. Instead you should think about a plan to prevent the reappearance of Spam Link to cause damage in future.
  • Page Offline:Are there any links on pages of your website that are no longer exist? In such a situation, use of Disavow is the best advice for because of the reason stated in the previous point.
  • SPAM TLDs:This is a geographic phenomenon commonly causing .ru implication. Can you imagine a Latin American website millions of links from Russia? This is the problem that needs application of Disavow advice. There is hardly any chance for you to get your link removal request approved.
  • Scrappers:These are the links found on spam websites known for plagiarizing content from other websites available on internet. Use Disavow option to deal with this problem. Don’t expect your link removal request to get approved by spam sites.
  • SPAM Webpages:Make sure the pages of your website are not targeting the keywords related to pornography, Pills or Casinos. Also get rid of spam comments on blog or spam forum signatures via request for removal. This is where you have good chances of getting your removal request approved. The whole game depends on the quality of your website.
  • Domain PRO:You should consider yourself lucky only by the time Google updates it in the future to help you utilize Page Rank as a metric for conducting audit unit. Have an eagle’s eye and see two following important things:
    1. Is the link on a gray bar page?
    2. Is domain PRO?
    If the domain is of bygone era and irrelevant, consider Disavow or Request Removal.
  • Exact Match Anchor Text ManipulativeThis is one of the root causes of the whole problem. I advise you to Request Removal of any such link developed to manipulate search engine ranking.
  • Penalized Domains:Another root cause of this manual penalty imposed on your website by Google. Request Removal is advised to get rid of any link pointing towards your website that has been posted on a domain penalized by Google via any kind of penalty.
  • Link Network:Request removal of all links signaling towards your website from every website having the reputation of link network.
  • Partner Sites:Choosing a partner sight is like choosing a right life partner. You have to be very careful while making your choice. Coming to the point, do you own multiple websites that are unique, related and interlinked with each other in one way or another?
    This is a million dollar question! But why? As for reason, you must think about applying nofollow attribute to make sure the doorway pages do not appear. It also helps you avoid the manipulation of links.
    Once no followed, you need to Keep. If all of your websites are falling in the same category and selling the same product, pick the best and retire the rest is the best advice for you to be able to deal with the situation and get the desired result.
  • Social Media Links: Most of the social media links are nofollowed.
  • Signup for Google Drive Account: Now you have successfully caught all the bad links on your website. Put them all into a Google Drive Spreadsheet with the information advised below:
    • Link from URL: Mention the URL where the link is present.
    • Link to URL: URL of the page on your website the link is signaling towards.
    • Email Contact: This is for “link from” website.
    • First Request for Link Removal: Remember to mention the date of Request for Link Removal.
    • Second Request for Link Removal: Again, put the date of Request for Link Removal. (Five days after the first request).
    • Third Request for the Removal of Links:Again, insert the date of request for removal. (FIve days after the second request for link removal)
    • Link Status:Specify whether the link has been removed or is it still live.

Maintaining this spreadsheet in Google Drive will help you prove the seriousness of your efforts to solve this problem. Maintain all the record carefully before you submit this sheet to Google with your request for site reconsideration.

3. File Request for the Removal of links:

Google is very busy! The Bahubali of search engines receives millions of such link removal requests. You can request for link removal via an e-mail.It is important that you compose a very effective, concise and meaningful e-mail for link removal request. For instance, take a look at the picture below:

Inclusion of the following unique details helps webmaster recognize you as a human. Moreover, this approach helps the webmaster trigger the process required to be carried out for locating and removing the link.

4. Start Sending E-mails:

Your approach has to be fully strategic in-terms of sending e-mails for the link removal. E-mail addresses containing the name of penalized domain name could be very useful. But this approach could get your email marked as spam easily.
Therefore, use of a Gmail account setup for link removal campaign is advised. You can share everything very easily with the leading search engine of the world. You can even think about using Canned Reponses for increasing efficacy by manifolds.
Now you should ensure the addition of personalized details prior to sending the e-mails. Follow the process given below:
You need to record every single link removal request you have sent. Now wait for the five days before you send your second request for link removal. In the meantime, you can record every single link removed.
Now send your second link removal request and again wait for five more days prior to sending link removal request for the third time. Again, utilize this period of five days to record every single link removed.
Patience is the key to success! You should know it. This is why you are advised to keep patience for five more days to make sure you have allowed sufficient time for Reponses to e-mails sent by you for the third time. If there still any bad link found not removed, it will automatically get added to the “Disavow Links Tool”.

5. Finally, Disavow Links and Submit Your Request for Site Reconsideration:

Follow the steps below:

  • Log into Google’s Webmaster Tools.
  • Click open the Disavow tool option.
  • Pick your domain name
  • Now upload the file having all links you want to Disavow/remove.

Now file your request for site reconsideration. Here are things that you need to be very concise and particular about while submitting your site for reconsideration.

  • Be particular and careful and strictly adhere to Webmasters guidelines.
  • Google Police advises you to take the following corrective measures to avoid link scheming:
    • Don’t buy or sell manipulative links for passing page ranks.
    • Stay away from automated programs and services that generate links to your website.
    • Do not link to any website only for getting a link back.
    • You should not develop a link network only for linking.
    • Google does not like large-scale content marketing and guest posts containing a lot of keywords and anchor texts.
    • Stop purchasing any type of advertorial or articles containing links to help your website pass PageRank.
    • Composition and Distribution of Press Releases featuring optimized anchor-text is also outside the guidelines of Google’s Webmaster.

Therefore, you are not left with much choice but to admit your mistake. You should also make Google believe that such mistakes will not be repeated in future. You will now have to be a responsible person because Google will not spare you for being its huge AdWords Client.

Final Words:

This process is time-consuming. Since Google Police has caught your website, you have got no choice but to have patience and follow the steps outlined by Google to get this particular penalty lifted from your website.

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