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By visiting this website all the visitors agree to the terms and conditions of use laid by us. This is for the safety of both – you and us – and is better than facing troubles later.

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Abuse Policy
  • Any usage of the information and material of the website is to be done at the risk of the user and SoftProdigy is not accountable for any such activities.
  • The website content, design, graphics, appearance, layout, and information are protected by valid Copyright Laws and Trade Mark Regulations. The unauthorized usage of these is counted as a criminal offence.
  • The website content might contain certain links to the other website(s). This is to make the content more informational and of high quality. In no way does SoftProdigy take the responsibility for the content of the linked website(s).
  • The trademarks published on this website are not officially possessed or licensed to the website operator. Thus, these trademarks are duly acknowledged by SoftProdigy.
  • Without a prior written consent from us, no user can create a link to this website from the other websites.
  • The technical abuse of the website is strictly prohibited. This includes but is not limited to DDOS, Leaching, Bandwidth Choking, Brute Force, Automatic Software-Based verification, and Automatic Registration.
  • Under our abuse policy, we have every right of turning over the IP’s, of people indulged in abusing the website and content, to the victim party or legal authorities.
  • By using the website, you accept SoftProdigy’s abuse policy.


SoftProdigy has taken the information and content published on the website from reliable sources. We disclaim the warranties to the completeness, suitability, and accuracy of the content.

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