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After Bitcoin rose to fame overnight, blockchain became widely popular as the technology behind cryptocurrency. However, most people don’t know that this technology is much more than just a foundation stone of cryptocurrency.

The Distributed Ledger Technology is the foundation of blockchain innovation, which turns out to be exceedingly compelling with regards to integrating security inside the framework. The blockchain platform is created to automate the tasks of development and improve the effectiveness of the entire framework.

Many organizations have even discovered approaches to adapt their digital content as per the blockchain revolution. Increasing the revenue has become extremely easy through the ads, record keeping and sharing within the framework just as you are lending your resources to gain profits from it. All of this is being possible because of blockchain technology so as to have profits from the quality you delivered online.


Blockchain can help you with your Business Ideas

Now, if you’re looking for some business ideas based on blockchain, SteemIt can be the perfect example! Blockchain offers many benefits and Steemit leverages a lot of them from this revolutionary new technology.

To win the blockchain game, Steem blockchain development is being adopted by many businesses. But the question here is, what is Steemit?

If you haven’t heard about this famous platform yet, let us explain! SteemIt is a blockchain-based social media and blogging platform, which rewards its users with the cryptocurrency STEEM for publishing valuable content. Many businesses are hustling in this advanced world and putting more attempts in the current innovations. 

SteemIt was presented in March 2016 and the conveyance of tokens began in July 2016. From that point forward, Steemit has been growing 20% organically, with each passing month. As of March 2018, this platform had a total of 900,000 users! With an Alexa rank of 963, Steemit has become popular amongst the most visited websites throughout the world.

Such an incredible rate of growth and adoption of this platform has stirred up the universe of blockchain up a bit! SteemIt receiving such a great response led to the introduction of dApps and savvy tokens. Many organizations are currently adopting this innovation with the assistance of Steem blockchain development experts.

Some Steem blockchain development solutions provided by SteemIt companies are:


Steemit Bots Development

Steem bot gives continuous automation over Steem blockchain with an exceptionally simple API. You can utilize it to rapidly bootstrap an automated task with Steem without having much comprehension about the Node’s system and difficult API. Steem bot development gives an ultimate approach to get upvotes and increase your income on this platform. There is a number of bots to accomplish this task including bid bots, infobots, upvote bots, and bots for community and curation. Engaging with the experts will let you turn your idea of a bot into an amazing reality.



Steemit and Ethereum-based Application Development

Ethereum is a platform that enables individuals to effectively compose decentralized applications (dApps) utilizing blockchain technology. A decentralized application is an application, which fulfills the particular needs of clients. A dApp also has the essential property it does not rely upon a particular existing party. Instead of filling in as a front-end for selling or giving services to a particular party, a dApp is a tool for individuals and businesses on various sides of communication without any centralized intermediary. You can easily run these applications exactly as programmed without any possibility of downtime or third party interference. So, getting one for your business is a must.


DApps Development On Top Of Steem Blockchain

DApps are similar to conventional web applications and are known as blockchain-enabled websites. These applications make use of smart contracts to connect with blockchain. Unlike the traditional applications, these applications are not built on platforms like iOS and Android. Instead, decentralized applications connect users and developers directly without the need of a central unit to host and manage the code and user data.


Steem Witness/Seed Node Setup

While setting up the Steem Witness/ Steem Node, you have two options to go with – either choose a larger server now to prepare for the future or start with the required minimum one and upgrade in future. As Steem blockchain is growing day by day, it is essential to plan for the future beforehand about server configuration. SteemIt companies guide you well to set up one that will serve you well.


SteemIt Marketing

At this point, in the world of cryptocurrency and blockchain, marketing plays a vital role to earn more Steems. There are many marketing approaches to follow, which include writing content, engaging with people, introducing Steem bots etc. How well you explore the platform makes a lot of difference in results. A good marketing strategy takes the game to the next level. So, hire SteemIt marketing experts now!

Hopefully, you have found the information shared in this blog post worth reading. To avail the advantage of solutions shared above, get in touch with one of the best SteemIt companies – SoftProdigy. Our experts are dedicated to boost your payout potential with Steem development. So, contact us now!

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A fervent learner, Rahul loves to keep himself updated about the ongoing digital trends. He aims at delivering the best UX through his revolutionary ideas and development skills.

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