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Digital marketing is subject to technological changes from time to time. That’s right! With the advent of the application of new technology, digital marketing is now getting interactive.

Interactive marketing is an essential element of Neuromarketing for boosting digital marketing efforts. There is a world of difference between this specific form of marketing and the traditional marketing of the bygone era.

How Interactive Marketing Differs from Traditional Marketing:

Traditional Marketing Vs Content Marketing

Traditional marketing and interactive marketing are like the South Pole and the North Pole. There are five major differences between these two forms of marketing. Let’s see them below:

  • Interactive marketing is decentralized and offers hassle-free two-way communication in contrast to the traditional marketing that is centralized and offers only one-way communication.

How Interactive Marketing Works

  • Traditional marketing requires businesses to use single or more than one forms of media to produce content that caters to their marketing needs and is also meaningful and relevant to the needs of their target audience. This often needs complex marketing strategies and high budget in place. On the other hand, interactive marketing offers fully flexible format and is capable of making the most of any form of media for content production in any form, at highly affordable cost, gain access to an unlimited target audience for lead generation.

Multichannel Marketing

  • Interactive marketing is highly personalized to allow customers to make decisions with ease as compared to traditional marketing that is complex and authoritative. In simple words, this is called personalized marketing that floods your business with leads because you know your customers and their needs, likes or dislikes.Personalized Marketing
  • It helps customers find you as compared to the marketing that forces you to find your target audience.Focus on Target AudienceChoose Target Audience
    • It paves a way for your target audience to get in touch with your business through multiple marketing channels to buy products. For example, they can visit your website, use your business app, they can even shop through your social media page on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram etc. using their desktop or smartphones as compared to the traditional marketing that leaves them no option but to cover the length and breadth of the whole town to get to your store first.Multiple Marketing ChannelsA lot of studies have been carried out about Interactive marketing. And all of them are indicating towards it as a profitable medium for businesses to add to their ROI (Return on Investment). As per the outcomes of a study carried out regarding interactive marketing by Forrester Research in 2016, companies based in the United States spent $76/6 billion to personalize their digital marketing campaigns. This amount is almost 19% more than what companies based in the United States spent on personalized digital marketing in 2011. The Infographic provided below speaks volumes in this regard. This Infographic also indicated towards the value of personalized marketing quadrupled by 2016. And this is only going up!Interactive Marketing MethodsVarious Types of Interactive Marketing:Taking these facts into consideration, it becomes very important for businesses to know about the various forms of Interactive marketing to be able to personalize their digital marketing campaigns to increase their chances of securing leads.


      Now let’s take a good look at the various types of interactive marketing below:


      • SEM (Search Engine Marketing):

      SEMSEM is an essential part of interactive marketing as it plays a crucial role to enhance your brand’s visibility in SERP’S (Search Engine Result Pages). This form of interactive marketing requires everything from website optimization or app optimization to placement of targeted apps on the sides of SERP’s.


      SEM requires business owners to have full knowledge of the following technical terms to double the result of interactive marketing:

    • Keyword Research
    • Keyword Research Tools
    • Keyword and Account Structure
    • Ad campaigns
    • Ad groups
    • Keywords
    • Ad text
    • Landing pages
    • Search Engine Marketing Ad Auction
    • E-mail Marketing:
  • email MarketingTo be very frank, Paytm (Pay Through Mobile) did not bombard users with a plenty of promotional e-mail to become an iconic business success story from India to be studied at The Harvard University. Paytm always informs its millions of users about updates on a regular basis. Paytm does not send emails to those who do not subscribe to is updates or newsletters. Instead, the company respects the privacy of users. This is something that helped Paytm to establish a relationship of trust with its millions of users. E-mail marketing give businesses the most perfect chance of interacting with users and know their needs etc. for boosting their lead generation and ROI. 
    • Intuitive Smartphone Apps and websites:

    Discussion on fruitful interactive marketing is incomplete unless we throw some light on the role of intuitive smartphone apps. Apps are very powerful marketing tools that help business notice users behavior pattern and initiate interaction through ads accordingly.

    In other words, apps contain ads that notice users behavior pattern and their interests and serve them business ads focused on their needs or interests. This is not the only thing intuitive smartphone apps do.

    Intuitive smartphone apps also anticipate user’s action and serve them options/choices accordingly. E-commerce apps like Paytm, Flipkart and Amazon are the best examples of it.

    In simple words, their websites and apps interact with users to help them make purchases with ease. Users just have to tap or click in the search box and their websites or apps interact with them and anticipate their input to enhance their experience.

    Intuitive Smartphone Apps


    BloggingBlogging is one of the top essential elements required for result-oriented interactive marketing on the digital front. Therefore, most of the successful e-commerce companies always focus on interaction with customers via blog posts.

    They make sure their blog posts provide value to readers for spending their time reading them. Make sure they are written in second person language to initiate interaction. UI/UX design of blog also plays an important role to make your marketing interactive. Such blogs encouraging user interaction with content through comments drive 88% more traffic and quadruple lead generation opportunities as compared to static blogs that attract only up to 55% traffic.

    • Social Media Networking:
    Social Media Marketing

    This is also one of the most essential elements of interactive marketing. Facebook almost has 3 billion users. Google+ has nearly 1 billion users. YouTube is a platform where you can market your business to more than 1 billion users. Even LinkedIn and microblogging websites like Twitter has more than 1.5 billion users.  These are some of the largest social media networking platforms that offer a great opportunity businesses to create their dedicated business pages to post their business updates and interact with billions of customers from every corner of the world.

    This is what companies like Verizon, AT&T, T-Mobile, Sprint, Paytm, Rolls Royce, Wipro, Dell, Wrangler, Versace, Nike and even Apple and Samsung do. So think about it!

    In addition to all these, Targeting, widgets and offline activation play their role to make your marketing interactive in their own way.

    Final Words:

    You got the SEO and ASO process of your website and smartphone app going. You installed the best tools to monitor SEO and ASO of your website. You did everything right up to this extent. But where did you miss the trick? Honestly, you did not think about making your digital marketing campaign interactive enough to engage users with the brand, products its services.

    Think about it!

    Do you want to get an interactive digital marketing plan developed for taking your business to the next level of corporate success and standout among your industrial competitors like never before? Get in touch with the best digital marketing firm immediately!

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