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Python – a programming language, which has a large standard library to automatically manage dynamic features and memory management, makes it a viable choice for any project.

Its ease of use, easy learning, and readability describes Python in a nutshell. The fact is there is a lot more to it!

Python has recently become the most common introductory programming language at top universities. There are many reasons why Python web application development is so hot as compared to other programming languages. The popularity of this programming language has moved one step ahead this year as more people wish to work with Python than any other language. 

Be it a mobile application, web application, IoT, data sciences, or artificial intelligence, Python is crucial to almost every programming activity. There are various reasons and unbeatable features of Python, which is why companies like Reddit, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube have chosen it.

There are many other programming languages popular these days like PHP, Java, Node.js, Ruby, etc. but what makes Python stand out of the crowd? Why python development services are more popular? Here, in this blog post, you will get your answers. Continue reading to know more.

Check out how Python is proving better than each of these programming languages:


Python Vs PHP

Python and PHP are the languages that have been a developer’s choice for a long time, when it comes to backend development. Both programming languages have to serve large communities, providing support to new and experienced developers and have their own advantages and disadvantages. But from past few years, the community around Python has become massive. The reason behind it is the well thought-out design, ease of learning, superior framework, enhanced readability, simple syntax, amazing tools, and versatility. These are the reasons why people switched to Python from PHP. It has not only become the developer’s choice but has become a choice for many businesses.


Python Vs Node.js

When compared, Node.js is found more useful for building smaller applications whereas Python has one of the largest ecosystems, well-equipped with a number of libraries to build large applications. Other than that, python migration services, error handling, easy learning curve, better coverage, and better-documented approach has made it different from Node.js.

It lets developers get the job done in a fewer lines of code. You can perform multiple things with Python including web applications, integration with back-end applications, numerical computations, network programming, etc. All these amazing features lag behind Node.js when compared to Python.


Python Vs Java

Both Python and Java are perfect programming languages and are capable of doing almost every development task. Both the languages reside in the same area of popularity.  However, there are key differences that make them differ from each other. The syntax of Python is quite similar to the English language as you don’t have to determine variable types when writing codes on python. This made it easier to write the code. Whereas Java has strict syntax rules and is time-consuming as well. These are the reasons which formulate your decisions while choosing between Java and Python.


Python Vs Ruby

These two languages are well-established and widely used these days for developing websites and applications of any complexity and functionality. Python codes have been used for many popular applications including the king of search engines Google, YouTube, etc. The best benefit this programming language offers is its easy learning curving and pretty clean codes. Python has relative simplicity and incredible flexibility, which makes it the first choice of developers and many businesses are adopting this platform to build their websites and applications.

No doubt, Python has become a fundamental tool in a programmer’s toolbox and its popularity is increasing day by day. If you want to link your workflow or pipeline components together then nothing is better than Python programming language. Python web crawler development has made its popularity even more widespread. This had made the task of browsing the World Wide Web for a specific purpose, much easier. Hopefully, after reading this blog post, you have got an idea of why Python scores over other technologies. If you are also going to have a website or application developed for your business, then it is advisable to go with this programming language that gives an easy and flexible approach. Get in touch with us if you are seeking the Python developers with great knowledge and hands-on working experience.

We have been developing websites and applications using Python for our several clients and receiving valuable feedback for our continuous efforts and amazing results. Contact us now and join our client’s network. Hurry Up!

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