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Websites need to be updated regularly! But, if you’re not a tech savvy, how can you handle your website? This is where CMSs like WordPress snap into action! Hire WordPress developer for best CMS solutions.

A Content Management System (CMS) assures quick and easy management of web content, even if you know nothing about web development!

The most famous CMS in the world of web is WordPress. This web development framework is being used by more than 25,000,000 websites around the web. The reason behind the popularity of this CMS is that it is an open source CMS that is quite easy to use and is very cost-effective.

As one of the most experienced WordPress developers in India, we have provided CMS solutions to thousands of clients. When it comes to WordPress, we know what we’re talking about! We’ve delivered numerous successful WordPress projects for blogs, websites, WooCommerce stores, etc. for industries like real estate, healthcare, learning, etc.


WordPress allows the users to easily manage, publish, and edit their web content on a regular basis, even if they don’t belong to a technical background.


The best part about using this platform as a CMS is that it also comes in for free. So, your web development need not cost you a fortune. If you want to manage a small website or a blog, WordPress is the best choice of a CMS for you. So, hire WordPress developer in India at SoftProdigy and get the best CMS developed for your business.

WordPress Development
  • WordPress CMS Development

    SoftProdigy stands strong as one of the best WordPress developers. With years of hands on experience and a great expertise, our veteran experts deliver world-class CMS solutions to our clients. So, you can publish, edit, update, and manage your web content like a breeze. Hire WordPress developer to make content management easy!

  • Plug-in Development

    SoftProdigy is home to a battle-hardened team of developers. For years, we have been contributing to the WordPress community with our feature-rich and high-tech WordPress plug-ins. If you are unable to find the right plug-in for your CMS, hire WordPress developer in India at SoftProdigy and get it custom-made!

  • Theme Development

    The WordPress developers, at SoftProdigy, value the online presence of businesses as we know what a business website means in the competitive digital market. We create business websites with the custom development of WordPress themes and designs as per your business.

  • Maintenance and Support

    We don’t believe in saying goodbyes soon. Being one of the most competent WordPress developers in India, we have learned to help our clients in every possible manner. And so, our work doesn’t end with the development of your website. We provide WordPress maintenance and support to our clients whenever they need help with their websites.

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Jessop Jewellers Portfolio
Jessop Jewellers

A reputed jewelry business with high-quality products.
  • Advanced and high-tech e-commerce platform
  • Interactive UI for an easy placement of orders
  • Easy navigation with specified mega menus and modules
  • BSMART, XML, Shopify

Deal Snapper Portfolio

Crack the best deals on superior brands and services around you.
  • One time investment for annual deals for customers and businesses
  • Subscription to amazing deals, discounts, coupons, etc.
  • A great range of services offered
  • CakePHP, MVC, Open Source Development, E-commerce store development

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