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So far, WordPress is the most popular content management system across the world. With nearly 455 million websites using WordPress to manage their content, this CMS boasts the maximum market share as compared to its competitors. Currently, the market share of WordPress is 35%.

Initially, the use of WordPress was limited to blogging, but today, it has walked past from that point. The ease of use and customization are the primary reasons for the growing popularity of this platform.

However, just like any other system, software, or platform, the WordPress team has continually made changes in WordPress to ensure it meets the ever-evolving needs of developers and users. In June 2020, the world welcomed the latest version of WordPress, 5.4.2, which is known as security and maintenance release.

In this post, we will look at what new WordPress 5.4.2 has to offer to WordPress development agencies as well as the users.

Here’s all you need to know about WordPress 5.4.2.

As the name suggests, the security and maintenance release comes with 23 fixes and enhancements along with numerous security fixes. The earlier versions of 5.4 faced several bugs related to security.

So WordPress 5.4.2 can tackle all the challenges while enhancing the user experience. Thus, it is advisable to update your websites immediately to ensure improved security and maintenance.

Security updates

Most of the challenges and bugs faced by the previous versions have been fixed in WordPress 5.4.2.

  • An XSS bug was found where verified users having upload permissions can add JavaScript to media files.
  • An XSS issue was discovered where authenticated, low privileged users can add JavaScript to posts in the block editor.
  • A verified XSS issue was spotted and fixed through theme uploads.
  • A member of the WordPress Security Team discovered and fixed, an open redirect bug in wp_validate_redirect().
  • A bug was found and fixed where under certain conditions the comments from password-protected posts and pages could become public.
  • An issue was discovered and fixed where people can misuse the set-screen-option by plugins leading to privilege escalation.

Apart from this, the core team has also recently launched Gutenberg 8.4, which includes exciting features for block editor. This latest version comes with new image editing tools, block directory and multi-block controls. Additionally, Gutenberg 8.4 also features countless refinements, fixes, and plenty of iteration on the Full Site Editing.

What are the minimum requirements for PHP when using WordPress 5.4.2?

The latest WordPress update has bumped the minimum requirements for PHP to encourage users to adopt PHP v7.2. Thus, the ServeHappy API has been updated to show the minimum PHP recommendation to users from 5.6 or lower to 7.2.

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Summary – WordPress with its ease to install, deploy and upgrade has become the most preferred content management system for leading WordPress web development companies. Let’s learn about its latest update.

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