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It all started in the year 2003 by Matt Mullenweg and Mike Little, just as a blogging platform, however with passing time, it has become one of the most preferred Content Management Systems (CMS). Yes, we are talking about WordPress.

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS that is based on PHP and MySQL. It has gained huge popularity, and there seems no end to it. It is becoming better with time, having incredibly advanced features. You can make alluring websites using this platform. Whether you want an ecommerce, auction, corporate, or other websites, hire a wordpress developer in India who has a good experience in this domain.

The professional wordpress developers in India are highly skilled, and keep themselves updated with all the newest trends in WordPress. Business owners should definitely make a web presence using this cutting-edge Content Management System.

WordPress developers in India keep an eye on the minutest detail to provide a good navigation experience to the users. They ensure that the website’s performance is up to mark to attract the maximum users. A few of the enthralling benefits for companies to have a wordpress website are listed below:

Cost-Effective- Gone are the days when building a website costs a big hole in your pocket. WordPress designing, development, and maintenance are extremely cost-effective. Also, your website can be updated in a blink of a second. Ask the professional to change the theme, he will do it for you in a short time.

  • Search Engine Optimization Friendly- WordPress websites have simple codes, making them ideal for Google indexing. The SEO components for each page can be customized to rank them higher in search engines.
  • Responsive Web Design- As mobile traffic has surpassed desktop traffic, a responsive web design is not an option for businesses, but a must. WordPress website designs are responsive and offer a good navigation experience to users from all devices, including desktop, mobile, tablet, etc.
  • Trouble-free Website Upgradation- Adding new features to the traditional websites was extremely cumbersome, but not with WordPress-based sites. There are easy to install plugins. You can change the theme instantly.
  • Ideal for Content Marketing- Today, in the world of online marketing, a fresh content is the prime necessity, a WordPress theme website has a benefit over the outdated ones. The professionals can update your site’s content in seconds and at several times without going through complicated steps. Also, you can update the design of your site, making it an ideal platform for tactical campaigns (such as holiday promotions).
  • Ultimate Social Media Integration- WordPress websites have seamless integration with social networks. Thus, no need to login to your social sites, like LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook or Google+ accounts one by one.

WordPress designing and development work on a universal, and open source platform, simplifying for businesses to move from one designer to another. So, hire a wordpress developer in India today who can make an attractive website for you to take your business to a new level of success.

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Rahul Joshi is the driving force behind the Business Analysis and Product Development activities going on under the roof of SoftProdigy. With years of expertise in his niche, Rahul loves to work closely with his clients to know their business better and work like a part of their digital team.
A fervent learner, Rahul loves to keep himself updated about the ongoing digital trends. He aims at delivering the best UX through his revolutionary ideas and development skills.

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